This particular service is addressed to Investors who wish investment advice from HellasFin’s specialized executives and thereafter, having assessed their recommendations, decide on shaping and restructuring their portfolio themselves. In this manner, the Investor retains ultimate control over investment choices, while at the same time receives investment services by certified investment consultants.

Initially, the Consultant records the Investor’s profile, taking into consideration their requirements, risk tolerance, investment timeline, and investment goals. Following that, the Investor, in collaboration with their personal consultant, define the investment strategy.

Based on the decision of the Investment Committee and taking into consideration developments in world and capital markets, the investment consultant advises and proposes suitable solutions for portfolio creation, designed exclusively for the Investor’s needs.

The portfolio is monitored regularly and according to the directives of the Investment Committee.

At the same time, the Consultant remains in constant communication with the Investor informing them of the most suitable options and proposals for creating and restructuring their portfolio.